01.10.2016: Kilo C.I.B.

Call name: Kilo

Collie Male Sable-White

Date Whelped: 24.12.2009 

Zuchtbuchnr. im DCC - Official German Stud-Book Nr:  DCC09601


Seit Ende Juli 2013 ist sicher das er für immer bei uns bleibt - wir sind alleiniger Eigentümer :-).

And since end of July 2013 it is sure that he will stay with us forever - we are the sole owner of Kilo :-)


German Result: CEA: Free

Swiss Result: HD A/B - German Result: HD A1

The Swiss Result was taken as official result because it was the first HD-Check in Europe ... same for CEA





Breeders Lynn Butler and  Lotta Hedman


AM.CH. & Dt. CH. Milas Illegal Latin - "Kilo" - Pic taken by breeder Lynn H. Butler



Kilo won V1 in SRA Wulsbüttel  16.06.2012


St. Gallen - 15.05.2011





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